Computer Arts Projects: The Best Video Game Art Of 2008

February 11, 2009

Art direction and design on a feature onĀ  The Best Game Art of 2008, using press imagery i got from the PR companies I create a opening illustration using game artwork and textures.


Computer Arts Projects: Get A Job In The Games Industry

February 11, 2009

Art direction and design for a feature on Getting A Job In The Games Industry, I’ve been really taken with Matt W Moore’s MWM Graphics work lately and commissioned him to create a typographical treatment for a feature opener. Colour tastic!


Computer Arts Projects: The Future Of Video Games

February 11, 2009

Art direction and design of a feature on The Future Of Video Games, i decided i wanted a illustration to show how realistic video games have become, so for this illustration i commissioned the brilliant God Machine to create me arcade machine with a twist. It’s so realistic because it’s got a real monster inside of it. Raaaaaaaaaa!!


Computer Arts Projects hits up Kid Robot’s “Ye Olde English Dunny” launch

January 23, 2009

Soon as the email popped into my inbox 3 days ago, i’ve been like a excitable child on Christmas Eve. The invite was to go down to Selfridge’s Toy Lounge in London to see the new range of Kid Robot’s Dunny’s designed by the Campbells Soup of the uk design game including Clutter, Doktor A, Frames, HiCalorie x Julie West, ilovedust, Jon Burgerman, Keanan Duffty, McFaul, Mimic, Peskimo, Shok 1, Tado, Triclops and UAMOU. It was also announced the quality Mike and Katie from Tado would be painting a giant Dunny live. Jumping onto the 3.43 train from Bath to London and meeting up with my man Chris Malbon from design god’s McFaul. After a 45 minute delay at Swindon and the most hillarious, long winded, extreme detailed description of the delay by some jobs worth driver we finally arrived in London and hit up Selfridges to be met by the biggest cue i’ve seen in a toy store since Jesus invented the Scaletrix.

Check the pics out and see what a fun night you missed and go cop a Dunny now! ;
























Check out a little video of the evening aswell!

Computer Arts Projects: Logo and Branding Issue

January 13, 2009

Art Direction and Design of Computer Arts Projects: Logo and branding issue, which is on sale January 29th!

Cover design by the brilliant Mike and Katie @ Tado featuring a splashing of fluro Pantones…

Check Tado’s work out at


Computer Arts Projects: Lambie Nairn Interview

January 13, 2009

Design of a Computer Arts Projects interview with the mahoosive design agency Lambie Nairn. Photography by my main man Tom Hull!


Computer Arts Projects: Tea Time Interview

January 13, 2009

Interview with the styling Sebastian from Tea Time design in Barcelona, Spain, amazing photography by the brilliantly named Roc Herms.


Computer Arts Projects: Redesigning logo’s feature

January 13, 2009

Art Direction and design of a feature on redesigning logo’s, whenever i need a concept driven, character based illustration my first port of call is the amazing Mark Verhaagen, and again he came through with exactly what i requested, but a milion times better than i imagined, with his own brilliant twist on it. Check his work out at


Computer Arts Projects: Picking the perfect colour feature.

January 13, 2009

Design and Art Direction of a feature on which colours give of certain feelings. Illustration was created in a game show stylee by Jon Ball of pokedstudio.


Computer Arts Projects: Creating a brand identity for a Sports team

January 13, 2009

For the latest issue of Computer Arts Projects I created a logo and brand identity for a fictional sports team. The tutorial shows you how to create a illustrative logo from scratch, dealing with clients, creating brand rules, designing sports kits and merchandise.