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Computer Arts Projects: Design trends in 2009 Issue

December 23, 2008

Art direction and design of Computer Arts Projects: Design trends in 2009 Issue. Brilliant cover illustration by Alexandre Efimov. Issue is on sale January 2nd 2009. Check out Alexandre’s other colour drenched work at



Computer Arts Projects: Trends of 2009 feature

December 23, 2008

Art direction and design of a mahoosive feature on the Trends we’ll see in 2009, featuring a who’s who of the graphic design world including McFaul, Studio 8, Erik Spiekerman, Luke Prowse, Gavin Strange, Luke Hayman, Matt Booth, eBoy, the Silent Giants, Niark 1, Studio Output and lots more… Here’s a sneak peak of some of the pages. Make sure you buy the mag to see the feature in full!









Computer Arts Projects: Popular Grafik Interview

December 23, 2008

Design of Popular Grafiks interview in Projects. Photography by my good mate Tom Hull live from Germany!


Computer Arts Projects: Beyond Trend’s feature

December 23, 2008

For a feature based on the book Beyond Trends, I commissioned one of my new favorite illustrators The Sicksystems from Russia. Gave them the brief that i wanted all the trends mentioned in the feature represented in typography. And they came back with this beauty. Go check out there other work at


Computer Arts Projects: The future of green design feature.

December 23, 2008

For a feature on The Future of green design I hollered at my main man over at the Jam Factory, Gavin Strange and gave him free reign to cook up a lovely opening illustration. And got this Ewok esque Owl designing village. Great stuff from a really talented guy.


Computer Arts Projects: Future Proof design feature.

December 23, 2008

Design and Art Direction for a feature on Future Proof Design. The basic jist of the feature is it’s talking about how in the future you need to be able to master more than one discipline. So you need to be able to design for print, for web, for motion. Cooked up this brilliant Dr Frankenstein esque multi disciplinary monster with the brilliant and regular Projects contributor Mark Verhaagen. Check his magic out yourself at


Any Forty Flyers…

December 16, 2008

Just designed some flyers for the awesome new site and hooked up with a new printer and my god there good. Turned the flyers round faster than it took me to design them and the quality is brilliant!

Deffo be using these guys a lot more in future projects. Very helpfull and great premises, even took me some pics of the job, very impressed.

Check them out at







Cheese Farm Customs Logo

December 14, 2008

Another day of cold and another bit of logo design. This time for another mate back in Newcastle who’s setting up a custom car garage.

Didn’t have loads of time to spend on this and there’s still loads i could do with it, but i quite like the cheekyness and simplicity of it at the mo. What else could you do when your presented with this amazing name but go cheese and mouse tastic on it’s ass!

Cheese Farm Customs

DJ Dodd Logo…

December 13, 2008

I’m full of cold and feeling a bit poo today so amused my self by designing a logo for a really good mate who’s starting to get more DJ work.

Quite a self explanitory logo and only a pitched idea at the mo.

DJ Dodd logo