Computer Arts Projects: Print Design Issue

Art direction and design of Computer Arts Projects Issue 115: Print design.

The idea behind the cover is a simple one, create the word “print” using print based media such as magazine’s, flyers, catalogues, etc… the photography was by Joby Sessions.

The shoot in numbers.

* 3 hours taken to get the studio emptied and the whole thing set up.

* 2 hours to get the perfect shot needed

* 400 + items to make the word “Print”

* 2 studios were used, one to set the shoot up in and another upstairs to shoot down capturing the image.

* 2 packs carrot sticks,2 pots of humous (one with lemon and corriander) 1 jar of sundried tomatoes and 1 pack of pitta bread was eaten on the shoot. Healthy boys us.

* 1.3m wide letters were printed out to use as a template for the font Akurat.

* 3 cover options were taken.

* 11th September is when it’s on sale!! 😉


One Response to “Computer Arts Projects: Print Design Issue”

  1. Matt B Says:

    Really nice design for the cover Al. Looking forward to getting that copy.

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