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Computer Arts Projects: The Freelance Issue

July 31, 2008

Art direction and design of Computer Arts Projects Freelance Issue. You can’t see it from this pic but the whole cover is printed with Fluro pantone’s, a real bright, lairy, eye catching cover! Illustration by Guilherme Marconi.


Computer Arts Projects: McFaul Interview

July 31, 2008

Art direction and design for Computer Arts Projects McFaul Interview. Photography by Joby Sessions.

Computer Arts Projects: Tax Feature

July 31, 2008

Art direction and design for Computer Arts Projects Tax Feature. The idea behind the illustration is that Tax is a monster, that grabs you by surprise and shakes all your money out of you! Illustration by the D&AD award winning Ahoy There.

Computer Arts Projects: Matt Booth Interview

July 31, 2008

Art direction and design for Computer Arts Projects Interview with Flash Temples Matt Booth. Photograph was weirdly taken in the mens toilets of Common Bar in Manchester. Would of been a strange sight seeing 3 grown men entering the mens toilets with a camera! Photography by Joby Sessions.

Logo design: Bath Building Services

July 29, 2008

A logo designed for a small new company in Bath offering every day building services. The idea behind the logo was to create something friendly, simple and memorable.

Logo design: Kickflip Skate Store – Brighton

July 25, 2008

Commissioned for Computer Arts Projects designer challenge feature, the brief was to create a logo and identity for a fictional skate store in Brighton called Kick flip, also had to design a poster advertising the shops opening. Real simple idea behind the logo, flipped the “i’s” to make them look like the wheels of a skateboard, no more needs to be said ­čśë

Logo Design: Juritsu Design Solutions

July 8, 2008

A logo commissioned by Computer Arts Magazine for a Tutorial on Logo Design. Juritsu means create in Japanese.


Logo Design: Bass Mechanix

July 8, 2008

Logo design for a car audio store Bass Mechanix.┬á Simple idea, nice bold, memorable logo with built in EQ! Unfortunately the client went for a different logo which I really, really didn’t like. But hey the clients always right!!

Logo Design: Precision Creative Solutions

July 8, 2008

Logo designed for a Creative Solutions Department in Newcastle. The idea behind the thinking of Precision is that everything is well thought out and planned. Hence all the rule lines, lining up every single item on the logo with something else. Totally precise!!

Computer Arts Projects: Illustration Issue Cover

July 7, 2008

Art Direction and Design of Computer Arts Projects Illustration Issue cover. Illustration by Mijn Schatje.